Esat Ekincioglu

bassist, componist, manager, booker @ Esat Ekincioglu & Chilli Chilli Agency

Esat Ekincioglu is a Turkish-born bass player, improviser, composer and manager based in the Netherlands. As a versatile and highly in-demand bass player, Esat spends a good portion of the year on the road, playing all across Europe, Near East and China.

Aside from his successfully touring bands KUHN FU and AVA Trio,  Esat enjoys playing in duo’s where he explores uncharted territories of the double bass playing and improvisation. Having won the VNJJ Week van de Jazz Composition Commission, Esat Ekincioglu’s TURKISH PUMPKIN will present a new repertoire in May 2022.

As a booker and tour manager he has organized hundreds of shows across Europe and China. In 2021 he started his one-man booking agency: Chilli Chilli Agency – for spicy music.

  • I’m looking to get in touch with venues and festivals for concert opportunities and labels for AVA Trio and TURKISH PUMPKIN. I’m also looking to get in touch with other booking agencies and artists for future collaborations.