Joost Lijbaart

drummer and organiser in Under the Surface, Wolfert Brederode duo, Ruins and Remains, Yuri Honing Quartet, Joost Lijbaart Free

Joost Lijbaart is a versatile drummer, percussionist, composer, improvisor, and educator from Amsterdam.
He has an intense collaboration with pianist Wolfert Brederode, with whom he performs as a duo, in the group Batik, in the quartet of saxophonist Yuri Honing, and in the project “Ruins and Remains” which was released on ECM records in 2022.
He was awarded the soloist prize for drumming at the Dutch jazz competition by Elvin Jones at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2003.
In 2015, Joost formed the group Under The Surface with vocalist Sanne Rambags and guitarist Bram Stadhouders. The group focuses on fully improvised concerts and has performed in 30 countries all over the world.
Joost’s diverse musical interests span jazz, pop, rock, and traditions of West Africa, Northern India, and the Middle East.

  • At jazzahead! for expanding my international network and promoting the above groups. All groups have enormous international potential and I already play with all groups outside the Netherlands.