Jort Terwijn

owner @ Jort Terwijn Music

Jort Terwijn (1993) is a double bass player and composer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. His main occupation is working with his bass ensemble ‘ÖNDER’.

Jort Terwijn’s ÖNDER is a bass ensemble consisting out of double bass, bass guitar, two bass clarinets and drums. They create a fresh and rare installation of bass instruments in the context of acoustic-electronic instrumental music. Compositions go from hypnotic, labyrinthine drones to chopped-up beats and from open soundscapes to harsh avant-garde constantly on the quest for new curves in the musical lineage of jazz.
About the new album:
“This album smolders with moodiness, and on Önder, Vol. 2, that quality manifests in environments ranging from droning soundscapes to bouncing grooves to the hypnotics of melodic minimalism. Jort Terwijn’s quintet digs deep on the melodies, revealing every facet and permutation—the things that make them resonate with the urgency of a heartbeat.” Best Jazz on Bandcamp 2023 – Dave Summer

  • I’m going to jazzahead to meet -national and international- bookers and labels to promote my new album ‘ÖNDER, Vol.2’.