Juliana Martina

vocalist, composer, bandleader

Rotterdam based vocalist/composer Juliana Martina delivers an energetic yet intimate performance with her international latin jazz quintet, heavily influenced by her Colombian and Caribbean heritage. With her compositions written in both Spanish and Papiamentu, the native language of the Dutch Antilles, Juliana offers a unique proposition of contemporary latin american jazz. In April 2022 she performed in Muziek Gebouw aan ‘t Ij (Amsterdam) with renowned reed quintet Calefax. Later that year she played a sold-out show at De Observant during Amersfoort Jazz Festival. Juliana was selected by On The Roof (Amsterdam) as one of the three Young Creators 2022 to take part in their Talent Development Program, culminating in a sold-out concert in August. Juliana Martina will release her debut album late 2023 in collaboration with digital distribution platform AudioMaze.

  • I’m looking to connect with professionals in the field, especially bookers, programmers, festivals and venues to possibly collaborate in the future.