Marta Golka

bassist, composer, artist // band leader @ Josef Kowalsky

Marta is an Amsterdam-based bass player and composer. During her study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam she played as a side person in various projects with whom she performed at such venues and festivals as Paradiso, Patronaat, Amsterdam Dance Event, Into the Woods, Jazzfest Amsterdam. In the winter 2022, inspired by her work on the master research on incorporating elements from progressive metal into jazz, she started an original instrumental cross-over jazz project Josef Kowalsky. The band is named after the main character of Franz Kafka’s “The Trial.” In Josef Kowalsky’s music, complex rhythmical structures intertwine with catchy harmonies and the band puts great emphasis on strong melodies and groove. The resulting mixture makes for an energetic experience with a pinch of quirkiness. The band has recently recorded their debut EP which will come out in the Autumn 2023.

  • On jazzahead! I’m looking to make connections especially with bookers, promoters and programmers, my main focus at the moment being to book a tour promoting Josef Kowalsky’s release in the Autumn. Apart from that I’m looking to meet various people from the industry, get inspired by others’ work and forge long-term connections for the projects to come!