Marta Golka

artist, bassist, composer / Josef Kowalsky / ata sama

Marta is an Amsterdam-based bass player and composer. She played as a side person in various projects with whom she performed at such venues and festivals as Paradiso, Patronaat, Amsterdam Dance Event, Into the Woods, Jazzfest Amsterdam. In October 2023 she released the debut EP with her instrumental prog-jazz project Josef Kowalsky. The EP was well received on a few Polish radio stations including Radio Nowy Świat (New World Radio) and Radio Opole. Marta is currently working on her solo singer-songwriter project ata sama with which she’s planning to release the first single by the end of the year.

  • On jazzahead! I’m looking to make connections especially with bookers, promoters and programmers. My main focus is to promote the EP of Josef Kowalsky. Apart from that I’m looking to meet various people from the industry, get inspired by others’ work and forge long-term connections for the projects to come!