Monica Akihary

band leader, artist @ BOI AKIH

Guitarist, composer Niels Brouwer and vocalist, lyricist Monica Akihary have formed a duo under the name of BOI AKIH since 1997. BOI AKIH forms the solid and inseparable core of collaborations with a wide range of musicians and poets.

For more than twenty years, boundless curiosity has driven BOI AKIH to ever new experiments and discoveries. As a result they are at home in musical traditions from all corners of the world – from modern jazz to classical Indian music, from Melanesian, African and European folk to improvised music. All these different traditions and influences are not the final destination, but an inspiration and a starting point for musical development.

BOI AKIH’s unique sound emerges in the constant interaction between the musicians and the sources they draw from. This sound, at once unconventional and accessible, always surprisingly new and yet completely recognizable, mixes acoustic sounds and electronic soundscapes with the versatile voice of Monica Akihary.

In BOI AKIH’s projects, their deep, personal musical explorations result in a harmonious blending of seemingly incompatible sounds, rhythms and tonalities. BOI AKIH’s latest project, Storyteller, further dissolves the boundaries: between old and modern, between music, story and poetry, and between east, west, north and south.

  • Since Boi Akih’s showcase at Jazzahead in 2007, I have been visiting jazzahead almost every year. It is so nice to be able to meet programmers from international venues and festivals again. It’s great to give a personal up-date to each other in the corridors, over a drink, a lunch, or whatever is convenient. The atmosphere of Jazzahead also makes it possible to meet new programmers and journalists.