Pieter Schoonderwoerd

Chairman @ Dutch Federation for Jazzvenues and Jazzfestivals

Pieter Schoonderwoerd (1982) loves bringing great music that matters to people for whom that matters. He is active in the Dutch and European jazz scène since 2008, and former director and programmer for the Jazz Maastricht Foundation (NL, founded 2001), as well as coordinator of Your Art as a Business at Conservatorium Maastricht. Having a background in music (jazz drums) and a knack for organizing proved a powerful combination that lead to a range of activities from consultancy, artist management, festival organization to running a forward-thinking jazz organisation.

  • I am attending Jazzahead to firstly enjoy great music and enjoy the company of my colleagues from around the globe. Furthermore, I am there to scout for new jazz talents, extend my network of booking agents, artists, record labels and promoters, and to forge potential new collaborations.