Rembrandt Frerichs

artistic leader @ Tonality Foundation & composer/pianist @ Rembrandt Trio

Meet Rembrandt: an artistic energy source without an off-switch. Curiosity fuels his musical sense of freedom, leading to unusual sound worlds and alternative ways of music-making. Rembrandt’s natural playing ground is all about creating on the spot. Both as a composer and a pianist, he takes a liberal approach to Jazz and classical music by introducing foreign influences. For collaborations with superstars of Middle Eastern music, Rembrandt has completely reinvented his own sound world.Western classical musicians and ensembles in search for progression embrace his new compositions, as well as the challenge of improvising. As artistic initiator and curator for festivals, Rembrandt’s freethinking approach and a nose for potential makes for previously unknown connections and collaborations. Constantly pushing himself and fellow musicians to new strengths in their process, these ingredients in the end serve a most creative dish – or indeed an entire banquet.