Setlists jazzahead! 2024

Enjoyed the Dutch showcases at jazzahead! 2024? On this page, you’ll find the setlists and contact details of
the musicians. Click on the name of the artist and go directly to their information.

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Alessandro Fongaro’s Pietre | Ben van Gelder & Reinier Baas | BOI AKIH | Guy Salamon Group
Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble | Marmoucha Orchestra | Raw Fish | Tineke Postma Aria Group

Alessandro Fongaro’s Pietre 

Nicolò Ricci – tenor saxophone 
Jesse Schilderink – tenor and baritone saxophones 
Sun-Mi Hong – drums 
Alessandro Fongaro – double bass 


  • Doggo 
  • Stop thinking about feelings 
  • Thomas 
  • Actually, this is what I meant to tell you  

All pieces composed by Alessandro Fongaro  

Management Bird Call Bookings  
Robert van der Padt, robert[at]  

Ben van Gelder & Reinier Baas 

Reinier Baas – guitar 
Ben van Gelder – saxophones 

  • This is Water 
    Composed by Reinier Baas & Ben van Gelder  
  • Skull-sized Kingdom  
    Composed by Reinier Baas 
  • Palace  
    Composed by Ben van Gelder 
  • Glass  
    Composed by Ben van Gelder 
  • Light Blue 
    Composed by Thelonious Monk 


Ben van Gelder, ben[at] 


Monica Akihary – vocals, bass kalimba, live sequencer 
Niels Brouwer – guitar 
Sekou Dioubate – 35-string kora, slitdrum 
Dodó Kis – recorders 
Nora Mulder – portative organ, analogue synth 
Bintou Kouyate – percussion 


  • The Sea Part I
  • The Sea Part II
  • Dryland Part II
  • The City Part I
  • The City Part II

All compositions by Niels Brouwer, all lyrics by Monica Akihary

Management United World – Music Management
Helen Kontos, contact[at]

Guy Salamon Group  

Guy Salamon – drums 
Alistair Payne – trumpet 
José Soares – alto saxophone 
Lucas Martinez – tenor saxophone 
Jesse Schilderink – baritone saxophone 
Xavi Torres – piano 
Teis Semey – guitar 
Brodie Jarvie – bass 


  • Productive Procrastination
  • Do The Shmoska Poska Dance
  • Nightfall 2
  • Shoulder Folder Twist Rag Shabang
  • Sailor Song

All pieces composed by Guy Salamon

Guy Salamon, guysalamon[at]

Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble  

Kika Sprangers – saxophones 
Anna Serierse – vocals 
Nina Rompa – vocals 
Marit van der Lei – vocals 
Līva Dumpe – vocals 
Ketija Ringa Karahona – flute 
Alistair Payne – trumpet 
Morris Kliphuis – french horn 
Mete Erker – saxophone, bass clarinet 
Koen Schalkwijk – piano, Wurlitzer 
William Barrett – bass 
Willem Romers – drums 


  • Nothingness
  • Sapphire Sun
  • Absolute Omni
  • Mind’s Eye

All pieces composed by Kika Sprangers

Isla van Hout, isla.vanhout[at]

Marmoucha Orchestra  

Mehdi Nassouli – vocals, guembri, krakeb, taarija, ghaita 
Arin Keshishi – bass 
Timothy Banchet – piano, keys 
Tuur Moens – drums 
Yishay Glück – guitar 
Mohamed Ahaddaf – oud 
Maripepa Contreras – oboe 
Antonio Moreno Glazkov – trumpet 
Pablo Martinez – trombone 
María Cristina González – flute 
Emad Ghajjou – darbuka, bendir, taarija 
Ahmed Hammou – krakeb, backing vocals 
Khalid Ezzahiri – krakeb, backing vocals 


  • R’by Mulay
    Composition by Mehdi Nassouli, Arrangement by Arin Keshishi
  • Milala
    Composition by Mehdi Nassouli, Arrangement by Oene van Geel
  • Chalaban
    Traditional, Adaptation by Mehdi Nassouli, Arrangement by Arin Keshishi
  • L’Kbida
    Composition by Mehdi Nassoli, Arrangement by Maripepa Contreras

Said Salhi, said[at]

Raw Fish 

Teis Semey – guitar, MPC, drum machine
Giovanni Iacovella – drums, live electronics
Marta Arpini – vocals, synths


  • Stroganina
  • Carpaccio
  • Sketchbook
  • Sea Sausage
  • It was nice to get to know you
  • Do sardines come from Sardinia

All pieces composed by Raw Fish, ‘Carpaccio’ & ‘It was nice to get to know you’ additionally composed by Marta Arpini

Management Bird Call Bookings
Robert van der Padt, robert[at]

Tineke Postma Aria Group  

Tineke Postma – alto and soprano saxophones
David Doružka – guitar
Robert Landfermann – double bass
Tristan Renfrow – drums


  • Hymn for Hestia
  • Walls Turned Sideways
  • Still Another Day
  • The Sky is Everywhere

All pieces composed by Tineke Postma

Management United World – Music Management
Helen Kontos, contact[at]